Research and Education

Research team at Batur lake (2020)

BAGUS-SATREPS team at Kawah Putih (2018)


Current research directions include:

  • axis-BAGUS (project extension between ITB – Kyoto University – Geo Dipa Energy to perform shallow drill hole in the Patuha Geothermal Field (2020-2021)
  • Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry of the Batur lake, Bali, sponsored by ITB, UNESCO Global Geopark (2020-current)
  • CO2 release related with tectonic activities and its impact to groundwater chemistry, challenge of carbon capture storage and atmospheric environment (Asahi Glass, Japan)
  • Hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry in geothermal areas under BAGUS-SATREPS Project (link:BAGUS-SATREPS) sponsored by JICA and collaborated with Kyoto University and Japan Science Technology (JST) (2015-2020)
  • Hydrogeochemistry and isotope analysis of liquid and gases around fault zone, case study Lembang fault
  • Interaction of groundwater and surface water around upper part Citarum River
  • Monitoring of Radon gas and mercury around Bandung Basin
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater resources courses (Bachelor degree)
  • Introduction to applied hydrogeochemistry (Bachelor degree)
  • Crystallography and mineralogy (Bachelor degree)
  • Coal and mineral analytical methods (Bachelor degree)
  • Hydrogeochemistry and isotope (Master courses)
  • Groundwater modeling (Master courses)
  • Environmental hydrogeology (Master courses)
  • Geochemical exploration for geothermal resources (Master courses)